The Take-it-Easy Package

For the older or less mobile dog, the take-it-easy package features gentle, short walks tailored to your dog's needs.  These dogs are walked alone if needed, away from the boisterous teenagers.  Lots of snuggles in blankets are available for a quiet and relaxing break.

Basic Home Boarding Packages

Choose from a number of different packages to suit your individual dog's needs.  Click on dog training above for training home-boarding packages, and to see our new 'house rules' training package.

The Active Package

With long walks in the country every day, the active package is suitable for teenage dogs with boundless energy.  Dogs are walked according to your wishes.  If you would prefer them to be kept on-lead, we have access to a fully fenced field so they can run to their hearts content, in a safe and secure area.  Alternatively, dogs can go on cycle rides, securely attached to a bicycle.  They can be exercised alone or in groups - it is your choice! 

The Socialisation Package

Appropriate socialisation is important for young dogs in the prevention of behavioural problems.  This package involves walks with other friendly dogs, walks in busy environments, as well as rural areas where there may be lots of other animals around.

The Health Package

If your dog needs to lose a few pounds, we can give you some nutritional advice and set your dog on the right track by kick-starting your dog's diet and providing you with a personalised, weight-based feeding regime for you  to continue. With discounted healthy dog food available, your dog can be on its way to the perfect body condition.