Basic Training Package

This includes basic commands, such as sit, down, wait, recall and more.  No harsh methods are used in any of our training packages, so your friend learns to be a good dog in a happy and relaxed environment.

​Dog Training

Training is offered as part of boarding, daycare, during 1 to 1 sessions, or during training classes.  Classes are currently held in Cwmllynfell.  Booking is required to attend our classes, to ensure groups are kept small.  We also offer agility for fun sessions during the summer.  Lessons are fun, reward-based, and contain a mixture of obedience, scent work, trick training and more.  Please inquire for further details.

The House Rules Package

To help your dog become the perfect house guest, choose the house rules package.  From greeting visitors politely, to 'in your bed', waiting before feeding, and more.  Can be adjusted to you and your dog's specific needs.

Training with home boarding or daycare

The Off-lead Training Package

​Includes more advanced off-lead training, such as heel off-lead and commands including stop, walk on, right, left and basic commands at a distance.

The Agility for Fun Package

If your dog already knows the basics, and is competent with off-lead commands, they could have an agility for fun holiday.  We have a range of agility equipment to keep them entertained in a securely fenced area.

The Tricky Package

If your dog knows it all, but needs some mental stimulation, the trick training package could be for them.  From traditional tricks such as roll over, to more complex tricks like ringing a bell to go outside, we can find out where your dog's hidden talents lay.